Self-Editing and the Imaginary Taste Monster – The Writing Crusade

Many of us start writing because we can’t find that thing we want to read. Why is it then that so many of us are worried about what someone else wants to read when it comes to the idea of editing our books? Exploring this weird trend in this episode of the Writing Crusade!


Fear of The End – Writing Crusade Daily

Have you ever found yourself struggling to write a good ending, or to even get enough momentum to push through to the end? Maybe you’re afraid to let go, like letting go of a friend, especially if you’ve been working on it for six years! Don’t worry. Ten books from now you won’t even remember this.

Project Status and Goals – Writing Crusade Daily

A bit of discussion on where things stand on my Bladewielders series now that I have cancelled the publishing agreement with Grail Quest Books. How has that made it easier for me to finish the book? Also, how the changes in my writing and publishing goals have precipitated this move, and how it relates to my writing going forward.

The Power of Making a Decision

In today’s episode I talk a little about the reaction to Episode 52, David Bowie talks about the internet–in 1999–and a little about Marie Kondo. This leads to talking about being open to joy, and how that has helped me on my way to making some monumental decisions. The power of making a decision is probably the most important ability we can learn, and I’m practicing it. Get ready for some Tony Robbins in your life because it’s coming at you!

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2008: The Year Podcasting Almost Killed my Marriage

In 2008 I attended Balticon 42 in Baltimore, Maryland. It was one of my best and most meaningful experiences, and there I also made the most profound misjudgment in my life. It has affected my life for more than a decade until, on January 8th 2019, I finally processed the experience in an epic tweet storm. What follows is an explanation of what happened in 2008, what would follow shortly after, and how it would affect my life and podcasting career. It’s not as raw and emotional as you might think, and in fact is very cathartic. The best news? The Adventures of Indiana Jim is back!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! This is a test post, still, but I need to get a look at it in paragraph form. Therefore, I am typing all of this nonsense just to fill space because I am trying to figure out how to change the background color of just the post itself.

You see that bar above with the date, time, and 1 comment? That’s the “post meta” box. I can’t seem to get the white bar to go away.  I’ve tried changing the “post-meta” background, but that only changes the color just under the text.

Anyway, that’s my problem right now, otherwise I’ll have to change the whole background to white and how boring is that?