Episode 52 – 2008: The Year Podcasting Almost Killed my Marriage

In 2008 I attended Balticon 42 in Baltimore, Maryland. It was at once one of the best and most meaningful experiences in my life, and there I also made the most profound misjudgment in my life. It would affect my life for more than a decade until, on January 8th of this year, I finally processed the experience in full in an epic tweet storm. What follows is an explanation of what happened in 2008, what would follow shortly after, and how it would affect my life and podcasting career. It’s not as raw and emotional as one might think, and in fact is very cathartic. The best news? The Adventures of Indiana Jim is back!

Jack Mangan’s Podtaint rant

Post-Balticon 42 Voicemail Show

Cliff Ravenscraft

Tony Robbins

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

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