Welcome to The Adventures of Indiana Jim! I am honored you are here to check out my group of podcasts. If you are an avid reader, or like sampling a variety of genre television, movies and games, or perhaps are an aspiring author, you will find something that is right up your alley. Here we are a respecter of your time. Maybe, for instance, you like Star Wars, but don’t have the time to devote an hour and a half to two hours every week as a passionate panel dives deep into the minutae of the saga. That’s where I come in. If adventure has a podcast, it must be Indiana Jim.

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Star Wars Fan Audio


Produced in 2008, this fan-made audio drama swept the peer awards at Star Wars Fanworks, and was a finalist for a Parsec Award in 2009! Listen to the original, and stay tuned for the sequel, Star Wars: Secrets Never Sleep, now in preproduction! In an era when fan films are intriguing YouTube viewers all across the world, shouldn’t you do your ears a favor and check out a Star Wars story in the finest tradition of classic radio theater?

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